About Us

Our Vision:

We are a community that believes in the hope and restoration found in Jesus Christ through the Gospel. Our desire is to share this message with our community through enriching programs and preparing everyone for the second coming of Jesus.

Our Core Values:

Fellowship- Building relationships and friendships in our community.

Evangelism- We believe in the life changing power of the everlasting gospel, and are committed to continual evangelistic outreach to our community.

Worship- Experiencing the gospel through praise, prayer, and thanksgiving.

Instruction- Affirming our faith in the Bible as an authority and guide for our lives.

Unity- We believe in unity through the power of the holy spirit, and are committed to working together to fulfill the gospel commission.

Service/Ministry- Following the footsteps of Jesus by meeting the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual needs of our community.

Spiritual Growth- Growing in Christ everyday through prayer, study, and witnessing.

Healthful Living- Restoring health by following biblical principles for healthful living.